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Hello, I have MS, diagnosed in 2016. I take Interferon beta 1a injection since May 2018 to slow down progression and I advised to get it for one year. Additionally I’m taking some vitamins. I talk to my neurologist occasionally in every 3 months. And also I do MRI scan for every year. Can please you advice me on treatments and therapies in addition to Beta Interferon injection course? Thank you.

Hi there,

I’ve noticed no-ones replied to your post. Everyone is different some people take medications and don’t really do any more than that, and there are of course others who adopt other therapies too.

With regards to medications this will be something that your neurologist can advise you on . No doubt you are being monitored due to being on interferon. If either yourself or your neurologist think that the interferon you’re currently taking isn’t working for you then they will be able to advise you on an alternative medication.

There are so many other options that people do , some adopt diet changes, physio/yoga , others try acupuncture, meditation, reflexology , reiki etc. Some people try Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy , you can get this from various different ms centres that we have nationally here in the uk.

I hope that helps to give you a few different ideas,

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The point of disease modifying drugs (DMDs) is that they reduce the number and severity of relapses. This in itself can slow down or delay disability (ie disability progression), but most DMDs have no effect on disease progression.

Have a look at MS Decisions aid | MS Trust There are many other DMDs available for relapsing remitting MS apart from the beta interferons.

You could talk to your MS nurse, if you have one, about other therapies.


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better to consult a doctor, each case is individual

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