Hi Folks, i’m new to the forum, not sure what i’m doing lol, i am interested in finding out about treatments for MS, i was diagnosed 15 years ago, but i feel i’m going down hill and wondered if i might qualify for some other form of drug treatment, i.e interferon as the bad days are getting more frequent than the good days, i don’t see my neurologist that often, only when i have a problem, it’s been almost a year now since i last seen him, is it worth asking to be seen again and find out what’s available to me. thanks. x

hi rosebuds

yes, it is definitely worth asking to be seen by your neuro again.

have you got an ms nurse? it would be worth contacting him/her as well.

there are the new oral therapies to be considered.

good luck

carole x

You can find information about treatments yourself very easily - it just depends how much of the work you want to do. If you go to this part of this website

​you will find the names of all the disease modifying drugs. If you click on any of them, you will find information about effectiveness, qualifying criteria and side effects of each drug. There are a lot of them now so you will probably need guidance as to which you might try. I could tell you about Tysabri because I am on this and you could get information about others from people on here.

What is your neuro like? I used to have one that was pretty rubbish and have changed to someone who is much more proactive. I found the name of a good guy and my GP referred me to him to get a second opinion. Again, you could ask on here for good neuros near enough for you to get to. There will also be a question about what drugs are available in the area where you see the neurologist of your choice.

Hi Rosebuds

Welcome to the forum. Love the screen name you’ve chosen.

I agree with carole. Ask your gp to arrange an appointment with the neuro, or if possible, contact the neuro department yourself.

Good luck and update us on how you get on.