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Hello. I’m new to forum and relatively new to MS. I’m a 40 year old male and was definitively diagnosed April 2020, although I suspect that I’ve had MS since 2015.
I initially had two lesions, one on my head and one on my spine. I’ve recently had a further MRI and I have two additional lesions on my head (original one didn’t show for whatever reason). I’m waiting for a further MRI on my spine to see what’s going on there.
I’ve subsequently been given the name of three drugs to Google and take my pick from as I start taking medication to slow the progression. No idea which to go for! It’s not as much fun as being a kid in a sweet shop :wink:
Outside of MS I’m a keen marathon runner, although this is becoming hard(er) and I’ve been trying to manage MS through diet so far. Which is harder than marathon running!
Not sure what else to put as an opening gambit so I’ll leave it there, for now…

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Hi Dann,
Good to hear that you are still running. Using Google can be double edged so try to ensure the quality of the info either by using a known good source or by finding supporting info.
I would look at MS society first. Site search | Multiple Sclerosis Society UK (
and then Disease modifying therapies | Multiple Sclerosis Society UK (

PS People like MS come in many flavours, some respond / react to certain drugs whilst others do not or react very differently. It is not black & white so it might take a bit of working out exactly what works for you. I suggest that you become very aware of how your body is and listen closely for changes, BUT don’t make it an obsession!

All the best

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The name of the game with the disease modifying treatments is to allow you to keep on doing what you love to do for as long as possible without MS putting a spanner in the works. So it is usually a good plan to go for the most effective one you’re offered. I would go for the most effective choice on your (not very) enticing menu.

I am a great believer on getting on a disease modifying treatment at the earliest opportunity: you don’t want to give MS a chink of light if you can help it.

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WOW i am speechless lol. You were told to GOOGLE…oh my god talk about lazy doctoring.

If they use these drugs regaularly whey cant they give you leaflets on them to read and discuss.

Now see for me everyone is different. One person may LOVE drug A, and another one may hate DRUG A, and the after affects will be diffrent with everyone.

Jeez i am gobsmacked lol…glad i dont have to take DMD. I know with pain meds too : example

LYRICA. I know people who cant take it as they ended up addictive, and I know people who swear by it and have no issues.

My neurologist did discuss with me OCREVUS and its fors and against which I think is the way they should do it.

Thanks for all the messages and comments comrades. I feel I should clarify that I’m an Englishman living in rural Germany. The doctor spoke good enough English to get by, but couldn’t go into real details. The drugs also have different names here compared to the UK. Once I’ve had a Google I can then discuss further at my next appointment in a few weeks time.

On a personal note, I don’t have any major issues (yet). The real differences are mental - mood swings and a short temper as well as the obligatory fatigue that comes and goes. But I’m working full time and still exercising so it’s too bad by any means.

I’ll find the names of the drugs and post them later. Im keeping busy this weekend and heading out to Hannover Castle Gardens for a pre Christmas market (didn’t even know that was a thing) today. Tomorrow I’m meeting a friend and going to watch the MSV Duisburg v Viktoria Berlin football match.

Living my best life whilst I can! :wink:

Hi there, I‘m Charlie,

Hey Charlie. How are you?

i lived in Munster for 3 years back in 1970 loved it.

Hum it would have saved time though DANN if you have mentioned that at the beginning lol, as all the drugs have different names, preglabin is uk for lyrica and so on and so forth.

I loved the xmas markets back then and xmas was great they went all out.

Hope you find the drug you may like. I listen to Aaron Booster on youtube he has his own MS clinic in the USA, and is a brilliant find, and I have learnt a lot from his videos.

anyway enjoy your market. x