Relapses after beta Interferon treatment

After 25 years with no relapses on beta Interferon now 2 close together. Any alternative treatments for this?

Yes loads! Things have moved on. Have a look at the MS Society and MS Trust websites.
What is available depends on how your MS is classified. Your MS nurse should help but best to be aware of what is out there.

Lots of more medication nowadays… your nurses and Neuro should discuss alternatives since your current DMT is no longer working for you. If they haven’t brought it up with you already contact them and enquire about what alternatives are available for you

Oh dear, that’s so disappointing for you.

The first-line injectables did not hold back the tide for nearly that long for me: I was on Avonex 10 years before switching to Tysabri 10+ years ago. While your MS has been quiet, there has been great progress in the range of DMDs available.

Time for an upgrade methinks.

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