Any thoughts on Beta Interferon/Glatiramer Acetate?

Hi, I have had relapsing/remmiting MS for more than 20yrs and have generally been well with very few relapses. Recently I have had a few quite close together. I am having difficulty walking and am dragging my leg. My consultant has offered me steroids, which I am going to take, and Beta Interferon or Glatiramer Acetate to help lessen the attacks. I would be grateful for anyone’s thoughts on these drugs. To be honest, I don’t know which to choose although I feel the time has come to do something. In your opinion which is better please?

Puss Cat x

On here. Go to what is ms at top and then treatments and follow licensed drugs

I don’t think any one is any better than the other in terms of reducing relapses, the first line treatments are all very similar. They have different side effects and some are subcutaneous, others go in to the muscle. It really all comes down to personal choice, how the drug would or would not fit in with your life. The website is very helpful when deciding. Best of luck and I hope whichever you choose helps you. Lx

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Hi Puss cat

I am on Betaferon and I belive it’s one of the only drugs you can stay on after you become S/P, so I would recommend it for that reason. I have flare ups every month or so and feel they would be much worse if I wasn’t on it.

Good luck with your decision.

Wendy x

Hi Puss cat

As Leora said, it does all come down to personal choice. I would just add that if you choose one and the side effects become unbearable or it just doesn’t suit you for whatever reason, it is usually possible to switch to one of the others without too much fuss.

Best of luck

Tracey x

Thank you so much for your advice. That was my first post on any forum, ever. So ghood to know there’s so much support =]

Puss Cat x

Hello Puss cat just thought I had to comment because I have experienced many DMD I was on Rebif and it made me ill , then I was on Avonex for 14 months ( it was fine until I had the same problems as Rebif ) then went on Copaxone have been on it for about 5 years and I think has made me feel a lot better( touch wood no relapses) I was diagnosed secondary before I started taking it but still had relapses then. The injection is daily but you get used to it. Some of my friends are on Rebif and are fine. We are all so different. Good luck. Roberta x