Treatment for MS


I recently got diagnosed with the relapsing remitting form of MS.

My consultant has referred me to Dr Overell at the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow as he thinks I will be a very good candidate for Interferon injections because of my age and the results that came back from the MRI scan and lumber puncture.

I was wondering how effective this treatment is with regards to reducing the risk of relapsing.

If anyone has been on these injections it would be great if they could reply to this.

Any information is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


clinical trials show a reduction of about about a third of relapses looking a thousands of MSers. some respond very well many it fails, There seem good arguements to start on more effective treatments, .

hi james

beta interferon is one of the drugs that you can move from onto one of the new tablets.

discuss it with your ms nurse.

i chose copaxone because i didnt want the flu like side effects. however copaxone has its down side too.

good luck with your decision#

carole x

Hi James,

I have been on Beta inerferon for about 8 years.

I would say in that time, I have not suffered a big relapse only small problems every now and again.

But I also have SPMS which is slowly showing itself. It is now getting harder to say what is a relapse or just secondary.

Beta did give me Flu type side effects, but once you start this finished after a time for me.

The only problem I can see, is it’s “catch 22” , when you start on a drug, you do not want to stop, because it is hard t know if it is working.

Beta I think is working for me. Andy

Thanks folks for your comments and advice it’s all greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I’ve still not seen a neurologist yet (my consultant said he’ll assess me and decide if it’s suitable for me) but have been advised that this can take a few weeks.

The website has been a god send if I’m honest, lots of information on things and looking back on stuff that was happening to me it all makes sense now.



Hi James, I started using Rebif within the last few wks, thankfully, I haven’t experienced the bad side effects as of yet. I was diagnosed @ Easter & Neuro thought about it would a good idea to start on the dmds asap. Hope they work out for you. Mark