Reply to Seahorse's final post

I’m not going to go over old ground again but do want to say a few things: firstly, if you did not tell me anything about tumefactive lesions, how on earth can I have been breaching your trust by mentioning them? When someone asks a question on here, I tell them the most likely conclusions based on my openly admitted imperfect knowledge. Everything, and I mean everything, needed to reach that conclusion was provided by you on the forum! That reply was basically what I would have replied with had you never even sent me a pm! (And since when does sending someone a pm mean that they can’t reply again on the forum, as long as they don’t reveal pm-only information, which I DID NOT?) Secondly, wtf?! That retaliatory post not only contained new information (I’m not going to get into the (hypocritical!) whole privacy thing - a neuro at King’s and other stuff!!) including information about your MRI that you did not tell me, but then you lambast me for (you think) getting it wrong?! And this despite me telling you that I am neither a radiologist nor neurologist and therefore could be wrong. Incidentally, given the information I actually had, I was not. What I think happened was that I used an unfortunate phrase to start my reply and you went and googled and didn’t like what you found so took it out on me. If you’d stuck to the link I provided you would have been reassured because it said that people with tumefactive lesions did WELL. Thirdly, your partner may have been well meaning, but she made a difficult situation a hundred times worse. Fourthly, did you not think for even one second what the result of your attack on me might be? (Did you not for one second consider sending me a pm instead - rather ironic under the circumstances?) I HAVE MS. I woke up to find that I had apparently caused someone incredible distress. I was absolutely gutted. I spend hours every day trying to help people avoid this very thing! I was very distressed myself and as a result my symptoms went nuts. I had a terrible 24 hours with all my sensory symptoms, spasms and pain at full volume. This wasn’t helped by my indignation at the fact that I knew that I had done nothing that you’d accused me of! So now we come to today’s post. Why? What did you hope to achieve? If you don’t plan on posting again, why are you bothering to try and defend an anonymous username that we’ll never see again? Tbh, the only new post I ever want to see from Seahorse from now on is a retraction and a full apology. You grossly overreacted to your own false perceptions and (albeit very politely) attacked a person who was only trying to help. And you wonder why the others in this community were angry?! PLEASE EVERYONE ELSE: DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD. I COULD DO WITHOUT THE STRESS! PLUS, MY INTERNET IS DOWN AND TYPING LONG REPLIES ON A PHONE IS FAR FROM EASY!!! Kx

Note to mods/admin: I was typing this when the thread was locked and didn’t want to not be able to post. (Especially after how long it took to type it on my phone!) Kx