Renewing driving license

Morning all… lovely sunny morning in Dundee

Have a wee question about renewing driving licence (this is my third time so I really should know…) Am just wondering how to respond to the question - ‘Are you on any medication that causes you to feel drowsy ? Y or N’

All my meds state may cause drowsiness and not to drive if affected - and I am careful to manage this but I am on sleeping tablets which obviously do cause drowsiness… Just wondering how to respond to this as I would hate to risk losing my ability to drive.

Thanks, Carrie

i put that i only take my amitriptyline at night so that i’m alert (thats a laugh!) in the morning.

good luck

carole x


i have just renewed my licence. It took 12 months & involved a driving assessment.

All my meds say may cause drowsiness but I put no as they say may cause not will cause. If you take sleeping pills then you obviously don’t drive after taking them. I would put no unless morning meds do cause it.



Hi Tay, say No! Unless you really are too drowsy to be behind the wheel, if your reapplying you obviously think your still ok to drive.


That’s great - thanks everyone…