Hello everyone.

I am going through a relapse at the moment my first since 2008.It also seems that rebif is not working for me now going by various blood tests.I feel numb down my right side that seems to be the way it is affecting me this time.I just wondered if anyone else has had these symptoms I feel anxious that symptoms will not improve.nurse says they will but I am not so sure.


my first relapse was like this, i was completely numb down my left side,couldnt swallow properly,speech was affected.and when i tried walking i had no control over my left leg,it went off though after 12 weeks,that was 22 years ago,and i still have relapses,and each time i think i am not going to get better,but i always do,never 100% but able to get going again ,to a point.

J x

Hi Anne

You are one lucky lady- the fact that you have been relapse free since 2008. Unfortunately, we MSers can’t escape the flying bullets indefinitely, so you have done very well. My last relapse in June this year was pretty similar, but affected my left side and was accompanied by severe muscle spasms and spasticity. It was hell on Earth and lasted until mid August!

Thankfully, it now seems like a really horrible nightmare that has now passed. I am pretty much back to normal and have now returned to my running. I’m almost normal as I run and no one notices that I develop a slight drag as my leg gets fatigued. In fact, I can still run faster and stronger than some non MSers.

So, in short, there is no reason why things can’t return to normal or as near as damn it!

Good luck


My first relapse way back in 1999 was like that. As was my next in 2008. After the first the symptoms cleared 100%, after the second they cleared about 80%. My neuropathic pain and sensory symptoms including spasticity are worsening now and consultant said it is most likely because existing damage is degrading rather than a new relapse. Left side generally fine although a recent problem has cleared and been put down as a pseudo relapse. Long story just to say that it may take a while but lots of symptoms clear completely or very nearly. Hope yours do. Take care. Ann xx