Good evening all, I hope everyone is as well as can be expected.

i have been getting a warm patch about the size of a tea plate under my right buttock for a couple of weeks, but this afternoon and evening it is happening every few minutes. Only lasts 10-15 seconds then goes off and feels like I have sat on something warm. I have had these warm patches on my left foot and leg before but this is new. is this a relapse that I should be overly co corned about? I am rrms and on betaferon injections for 3 1/2 yrs now.

thank you for any ideas

sue x

I think it is a relapse but it’s more safe when you go to doctor to check up so that you can have an early medications.

I was apparently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which has very similar symptoms as MS. I have had an MRI but no other testing. The Neuro at the hospital said it was clear so told me it must be Fibro. My husband is convinced that I have MS and has looked on various sites which seem to support his theory. I have such pains in my legs and extreme fatigue. I feel depressed all the time and apparently get very emotional and snappy a lot at the moment which I do not recognise. Hubs says this is getting worse. I have tried anti depressants but they did not agree with me at all. I have also tried Pregabalin which was rubbish and have been on Gabapentin for 4 weeks. It seemed to work for a while but not any more. I just don’t know what to do! It is making for a very unhappy household. Hubs wants me to push for more testing for MS but not sure what to ask for. I really need some advice and support. I don’t feel myself and I am getting over emotional just writing this.

Try talking to your GP about your condition. I assume that when the neurologist told you the MRI was clear, s/he discharged you. Your GP could re-refer you if they feel a further neurological investigation is warranted.

Otherwise, who is managing your current diagnosis of fibromyalgia? Perhaps if the neurologist is absolutely certain there’s nothing neurological wrong, then you should be seen by someone else who is an expert in managing fibromyalgia, maybe a rheumatologist?


I think I read somewhere that sensory problems are not regarded as being a relapse