relapse was not replase but still feeling awful


3 weeks ago after a really hard time at work and in life I called my MS nurse with what i thought may be a new symptom (head movement sending electric shocks through my spine -which had been getting worse over 3 weeks). I havnt really had a new symptom in 9 years so when I was told it sounded like a possible relapse i started going through almost a second acceptance period.

​I got signed off work to rest and recover (i was prob burned out from a lot of S%&t that had been going on and the nurse thought it would impact the relapse)

I have since spoken with the GP who advised that although i am waiting to see the consultant, my information indicated that there was ‘no change’ -

Those close to me are thinking this is great news cause no change is positive (which it is) but i fel lost and helpless and confused. I feel like i have taken time off work on the basis of a relapse and now i am deceiving people.

Also because I have been so well (although i find i do get fatigued) people dont really understand that my MS impacts me and this feels like another moment of ‘shes fine shes just dramatic’

​Can anyone share or help me understand whats going on. I have massive mixed emtions of feeling guilty about work but not ready to go back but now no reason not to go back, a fraud, sad that i dont have something to prove to people that my ms is real and peed off that i am apologising for being mainly well.

​i just need to hear from others.


hi your GP is a general practitioner not a specialist in neurology. when you see your neuro explain it all and hopefully you will get a helpful response. if your GP signs you off sick, don’t feel guilty. it sounds like you are feeling low so take time to address this. carole x

Hello, Sorry that you aren’t feeling yourself. Only your nurse or neuro can tell you if it is a relapse that you are suffering and even then nothing is 100% certain unless you have an MRI. If you have a new or exacerbation of an old symptom for more than a few days, it is classed as a relapse. In regards to work, relapse or not, you are still not feeling well so there is nothing to feel guilty about. Take the time off and rest because if you don’t you could make yoirself worse and actually be off for longer. Don’t let other people’s ignorance of the illness worry you, if you feel you can, ask them to look into what MS is and how it affects people or sit down with them and tell them. For now take your time off, don’t go back to work before you are ready and rest as much as you can. Stay strong xx