Relapse question?

Just wanted to now how your relapses came on. Because my left shoulder went weak last Monday and the weakness has gradually spread down my arm over the space of a weak. I though with a relapse you basically wake up with the symptoms rather than a gradual spread like mine has. Has anyone experienced a gradual worsening of symptoms over a period of weeks before recovery ?

Yes definitely. All my relapses have gradually worsened over time then very slowly and gradually got better. They have never come on suddenly. Rest up, try to be patient and wait for recovery. X

Thanks for the reply LisaC I’m so down with it at the minute. How long did your symptoms worsen?

Well it depends what relapse we’re taking about. When I had transverse myelitis my legs got worse over the course of a few weeks then levelled out then VERY slowly got better over at least 4-6 weeks. But full recovery took months and it took ages to get my strength back in my legs. When I had optic neuritis I went gradually blind in one eye over the course of 5-7 days then it hung around for a couple of weeks before I started to show very slight improvement day by day. That’s the annoying thing about these relapses, you never know when you’ve got better, you just realise looking back that it went away!

Be patient, it’s so hard as we want to be better like now but you just have to go with it. Do you meditate? That could help you relax a bit.

I think what is scaring me more is the fact it’s getting worse rather than recovering. So my minds gone into over drive and I’m thinking have I got something else. No never tried meditating

siyman - you may wish to consider getting yourself a course of steroids…? they would help calm the inflammation to reduce the duration of this apparent relapse and thus, the potential damage it might cause.

my latest (and greatest) relapse came suddenly, with a numb hand when waking one morning. i had initially assumed i merely slept on it. But then patches of numbness began to occur all over me, over the next few days, with each patch growing in size until about 75% of my body was covered in numb tingles.

then after about 3 weeks, it all started to subside, although the hand in which it all started has never fully recovered and i doubt it ever will.

you need to be proactive. if something feels ‘off’ and lasts for a number of consecutive days, or more importantly, seems to be getting worse, i think it advisable to act.

good luck!

Hi lisa c…how long did your legs remain this way? Mines have been 7weeks and now its affecting my walking and driving its my feet as well as my legs…thankyou