Relapse question again!

When are worsened symptoms a relapse when they never really went away?

I know a relapse is anything new which lasts 24 hours or more but what if the symptoms aren’t new but just getting worse again having improved but never having actually gone?

I had a mega-bad time prior to Christmas with extreme fatigue, spasms, strange sensory things and weakness etc which all improved but never went away entirely. I’m now definitely sliding back and struggling with increasing spasms again, fatigue worse than January but better than Nov/Dec, stronger strange skin feelings and weak left leg. None of this is new because I had it in varying degrees all along. Is this still part of the original relapse or another one?



That’s one of those questions are rather difficult to answer. In theory, if you had improvement, then this is a new relapse, but so many things can worsen symptoms without being a new relapse, e.g. doing too much. If it’s all the same symptoms, then I would bet that it’s not new, but I honestly don’t know for sure.

I hope it gets better again soon!

Karen x