Relapse or infection causing flare up??

Hallo - can someone with more knowledge than I possess help? I am not sure if I am having a relapse or if the middle ear infection that I have been diagnosed with is causing me to feel like I am relapsing.

Symptoms are - being off balace (staggering like I am drunk (how I wish)) and a tightening up of my first presenting symptoms in my left leg causing me to be unable to walk with a ‘normal gait’ but the leg isn’t numb like it was in my first attack, nor has it spread nor is it trailing nor is it actually tight but it just won’t behave and I can’t walk ‘normally’.

Hoping its just because of the ear infection which can throw off balance and that the infection is just causing a flare up… (yes being optomistic). I guess only time will tell - but will it?? What is the difference between a flare up and a relapse?

Also - just to add that both the ear infection and leg has commenced during an outbreak of chicken pox (had it as a child) at work and my first symtoms last year happened during another break - coincidence? Link between MS and varicella-zoster anyone?

I am not fully MS diagnosed yet…Neuro is calling it Transverse Myelitis as I have ‘only had one clinically isolated episode’ to date (13 months) but lots of other symptoms over the last year (huge bouts of head fog, huge heat intolerance, lightheadedness, numb leg, depression, weakness in right leg/arm etc) a lot of which I put down to poor vitamin D (my levels were 10) and Vit B12 (levels were 200) both took 8 months to get addressed by my doctor despite Neuro writing to them but am on D supplements and having B12 shots and was actually feeling amazing then 2 days later…bam! Ear infection.

So - not sure if the above is my 2nd episode therefore I am a confirmed MS’er (but does the 2nd episode need to be in a different place - space & time and all that) or is the above the 2nd episode or a flare-up?? What if the difference? Also, what is the difference between progressive MS & RMMS as just before my b12 shots I felt that I was just continually getting less able with the weakness in my right leg just tight trying to flex (dorisflexon/tight achillies) and slight weakness in right hand making writing tough sometimes - the hand passes but right leg stays???

Sorry - hoping someone can help as I can’t see neuro till Nov. Thanks in advance.