Relapse or ‘bad patch’

Hi everyone,

Just wondering what people’s experiences of a ‘bad patch’ of symptoms have been? I’m pretty sure I’m having a relapse, started just before the weekend. Spoke to my nurse today and we’re going to wait and see until the start of next week because she said it doesn’t sound like a typical relapse and she thinks it may be down to something aggravating my symptoms.
Last week I was getting over a cold and had a particularly stressful event that I managed to get completely worked up about. It was after that the symptoms started.
It’s been mild so far (touchwood!) with tingling on my head and as of yet nothing else. I’ve had the tingling before and it comes and goes with heat normally but has now stayed since the weekend, hence why I think it must now be a relapse. I’ve also been dizzy in a car-sick sort of way on and off.

Just wondered if anyone had ever had a bad patch of symptoms that lasted this long that weren’t a true relapse? I’m nearly a year in and still can’t work out how you’re supposed to know when you’re having one!

Thanks in advance,
Charlotte x x x