Relapse getting to me

I’ve got a working diagnosis of m.s so don’t have a firm diagnosis yet but have a M.S nurse and seeing the M.S specialist in September. Been having a flare up since April. My 4 year old son was diagnosed with Duchennes M.D in January and then I was served a notice to leave my privately rented house due to the landlord’s change in circumstances so have been under considerable stress. Had the usual tingling and burning sensations I get during a flare up in my arms, hands, legs and feet but today I had some spasms in my left leg which has become very painful, feels weaker and more tense. Also numbness has come back in patches beneath my knee. I already have tight muscles in my legs and arms but it feels much more painful and has been accompanied by sharp shock sensations in my leg and arm all on the left side. Also have been quite fatigued. I’m on gabapentin but only 200mg 3 times a day so quite a low dose. Have been told that the neurologist is thinking about prescribing steroids. Can I request oral steroids and are they effective? (I’m needlephobic.) This is my 7th relapse since 2009 and none have been treated yet.

Hi. I’m sorry you have such a hard time - having to move during a relapse!I’ve never had steroids but read that oral steroids are an option. Steroids don’t always help and there would have to me a denite diagnosis before DMDs.

Good luck!

I saw my GP today and ruled out urine infection and it definitely is a flare up. Tried getting hold on my m.s nurse but no answer so left a message but probably won’t be until monday earliest that he gets back to me. Still in quite a bit of pain and last night was difficult getting to sleep because it was hurting so bad. Walking is uncomfortable anyway due to tight muscles but the muscle seems to have become even tighter. Right side isn’t any worse than usual but the left definitely feel more stiff. I was told that my neurologist was happy to prescribe steroids for me at the beginning of this relapse but at that moment in time I didn’t feel too bad. I’m guessing the heat has just made it a lot worse. Just wish I could get hold of my nurse so my gabapentin can be reviewed or to start the steroids.