Query re relapse treatment

Hello all - new here as am still awaiting an initial neuro appointment after a couple of years of weirdness! Just a quick question for you (for now!) - As I’m NOT presently diagnosed with MS and still waiting on a neuro appt, my question is IF I am having a relapse, is the GP allowed to prescribe steroids?

About a week ago the sensations really picked up and my legs became really tingly with transient numb spots. For three days now, one of my legs feels so heavy and I realised it was numb all around my knee (no injury) and I believe due to walking wonky for a couple of days, my calf and hamstring are now so tight and sore. I’m hobbling around a bit, but still able to hobble.

I’m wondering whether this could be a “relapse” and I’m not having any luck getting through to the GP to know their thoughts, but will try again tomorrow. Based on my previous experience with calling 111, I feel confident it would not yield an answer that I would feel confident about and I’m not feeling things are desperate enough to go to A&E since I’m in one of the Covid hotspots.

Just trying to understand if this sort of thing could be considered a relapse and if so, if anyone knows if a GP can prescribe anything helpful when there is no definite diagnosis.

Thanks for your thoughts xx