General Advice

Hi all, am new to this site, I am looking for some advice, dont seem to get much from Health experts, except being passed around.

I have been diagnoised with MS since Dec 11, I am having my first relapse since first being diagnoised, I have numbness and pins Needles in left hand and arm, week grip and not good co ordination. Ms nurse referred me to Doctors who prescribed a 5days Steroid course, 5 days is now up, still no change, am lookin for some advice, do I need to go back to the doctors for more Steroids or do I wait it out to see if it gets better on its own.

Also, is it best to rest my arm or try to do some movement?

Any advice would be welcome, as cant seem to speak to the experts when you need it.

Hi, sorry I am unable to offer any advice on this, but try posting it on el, as more chance of replies there from those in the know.


I can give you my experience with steroids recently if not advice. I had a relapse about 5 weeks ago with Internuclear ophthamaloplegia (INO) which wasn’t very pleasant for me and particularly unpleasant for people who looked at me. Anyway, I had 3 days of steroids and saw some rapid improvements. Still a little unsteady on my feet but much better. The doctor who gave me the treatment said even after I had finished the steroids I would continue to see improvement, and to be fair to him I have. I also have pins and needles in my hand but without any weakness so I have never felt the need to rest it. Haven’t been much help but that is my experience with steroids.