Relapse/flare up?

Hi, I noticed last night that I was numb/loss of sensation down my right side. Arm, back, shoulder, hip, leg and tummy (and undercarriage) got up this morning with still the same sensation and now my arm and right side of my torso feels like a clammy cloth all over me, I have had this before on my arm only. Legs are both very wobbly though I can walk ok, just feel very weak. Can’t get out of hours gp any more so had to ring 111 for advice. Because I gave had a migraine for almost 10 days and the weakness on one side, their computer decided I needed and ambulance for a trip to hospital in case of a stroke. I declined and did eventually get to see a gp in a surgery (not my own) but because the 111 computer had flagged up poss stroke that’s all he checked for. I am ok and mobile, but thought I would ask the experts -all of you - if you thought this was a recurrence, albeit slightly more so of old symptoms, or am I having a minor ‘episode’? He did check my waterworks and all ok there. Also my tongue is tingly. Thank you and hope everyone is well

Hi grannysue, I’m sorry to say it sounds like it could well be a relapse. Hopefully a minor one. When I had one affecting my whole right side it resolved completely with rest (before dx - they thought at hospital it was a stroke/thrombosis). Only with 2nd relapse did leg retain tingle - no rest that time. So, my advice for what it’s worth is to rest LOADS. Hope it helps. A x

Hi annelda, and thx for your reply. I have tomorrow to myself and intend doing exactly that for a change. Hopefully will feel better after a day with my feet up. Best wishes Sue x

sounds like an episode Sue , perhaps you could ask your GP if steroids would give you a boost ,