relaps and exercise

Is it usual to be sent for physio by a standin doctor (not MS doc) when you are suffering a bad relaps?

He gave him a course of steroids and said they would sent another appointment asap. When that came it was for 3 weeks later and with a physio!!! He thought he was going to see his MS specialist, we managed to get him to the appointment but he’s really angry as it was a total waste of time and effort. Took an hour to show him what may be useful ‘when he’s feeling better’. He can just about put one foot in front of the other just now.


I always have physio after I’ve had steroids for a relapse, and really value getting it as I feel it helps me recover (I remember reading about research which showed that people recovered better from relapses when they had steroids + physio instead of just steroids). I’m sorry that this session doesn’t sound like it was any help though. Did the physio do any actual exercises with him? I’ve had physio in the past when I’ve had virtually no movement at all in my legs and we were able to work on things, so I’m surprised the physio only said what could be done ‘when he’s feeling better’. Has he got any other sessions booked in with the physio?

I’d give the MS nurse a call as well to get an appointment with them or his neuro to talk about everything & if there’s anything else that could help.

Hope he starts recovering after the relapse soon.


Thank you Dan, I will tell him what you said, I dont know exactly what happend he was too annoyed to talk about it. He has such a problem with fatigue you see and just going to the clinic had wiped him out. Maybe if they had mentioned the physio at the ‘same time’ his was given the steroids or at least a bit nearer the time (three and a half weeks) it may have helped. Steriods wore off in a few day’s, he is now very shaky and can hardly stand up and just wants to sleep etc.

No there is no other appoinment booked, the physio agreed with him and didnt really know why he was there. Trying to get hold of the MS nurse also has been very difficult, phone up leave a message and they will get back some time that week.

Any way you have answered the question on physio and relapse he deffinately needs it if he can get over this bit. He said he got the impression her hands are tied as to what she can do but she did go and get him the number for his own MS neuro so he will try ringing that. Maybe he is getting passed around as his original specialist has moved to Aus. last year.

Thank you again.