Regretting that a bit

Tried going to work today, stubbornly sat through as much of my lessons and classes as I could humanly manage (kids soon got the idea that they put their hand up and I just beckoned them over!). However, am completely wiped, have been walking at a snails pace all day and am getting lots of questions from the pupils now about am I better, etc. Some rumour had gone round that I’d had an operation on my leg!!

I am starting to think I should just ring off for a week in a go if I relapse, since I end up more or less being off for that anyway. And I do know it could be much worse so I need to learn my lesson and rest when I need to and stop feeling like I’m skiving.

The head is lovely, told me to take a long weekend (i.e. tomorrow off), and got my head of department to sort out work for my lessons tomorrow. Thank god for an understanding employer. I do feel bad for the classes though, I’ve missed a lot of time lately and they will miss out inevitably.

Sooner I go part-time the better though I think.

Sounds like you are learning - the hard way!

You have to get it out of your head that you are skiving. Although I am the same, I have just worked through a relapse and I am now struggling, eating painkillers like they’re Smarties and relying on the stick as much as ever.

Luckily high school kids take no notice of a middle aged woman with a stick - they’re too busy with their own little dramas :wink:

Enjoy your long weekend and if you feel no better on Monday, phone in sick. It sounds as if you have a very understanding Head so stop feeling guilty.

Hope things improve for you soon.

Tracey x

Thank you.

Today everything aches, I have yet to get out of bed (love my laptop !). I know there is washing in the machine needing something doing with though so am building myself up to doing that!

Last time I try to force myself back in too soon.

I love my bed!! My washing didn’t get hung until 12.30pm on Tuesday and only because son helped … and he even brought it in too!!! Wonders will never cease.

When I went in on Wednesday, one colleague looked at my stick and asked ‘You need that at the moment, do you?’ Grrrr!!! I wish I had been quick-witted enough to say ‘No, I’m just carrying it for (a) fun (b) sympathy (c) to raise more funds for Cake Break next week’ or some other facetious answer!!

Another asked me if my legs had seized up because I hadn’t done enough. Yeeesss, that can happen but given that I had spent the weekend doing the housework, alternated with rest periods, then the usual grocery shopping, hanging onto the trolley for support, I’m not sure that it was it was justifiable to imply that I had sat around doing nothing while my legs seized up!!

Thank goodness for the colleague who has lupus and fibroymalgia who took one look at me and said ‘I know exactly how you feel’ and she does!

I hope you get some well-earned rest this week. I wouldn’t worry about the washing, the forecast is for showers for most of the country anyway so it’s not going to get dry outside. Leave it for someone else to hang …

R & R for you m’lady

Tracey xx

Zedsee, better for you to plan to be off if you are ill and in relapse - that way you know you have say a week to rest and regroup and it’s also better for school cause they can be pro active rather than re actiive and can arrange better cover for your class. Hope you get a good rest this weekend and take some time next week too if you need it. Hope you feel brighter soon x

you too Tracey - it’s so sad isn’t it when we need a stick or a chair to signal how we feel inside before people take any notice? Hope you get a good rest too x

ps - step away from the washing ladies!! Unless you are down to your last pair of knickers, it can wait!

Hi hun, yeh I reckon less hours would be the way to go.

Look after yourself.

luv Pollx

Hi Stans mum

Tbh I was down to the last pair of knickers (and the elastic was a bit dodgy in those!).

Just when I thought it was all up-to-date my son tidied up his bedroom and found piles of socks and pants that haven’t seen daylight for several weeks!! Good job it’s a nice day and my legs are (sort of) working.

It’s Cake Break week so I have to press on but I can make cakes sitting down and on Friday I can eat as many as I want -since I will have made most of them that will be my reward !!! I have begged and pleaded for others to make some too so hopefully there will be plenty and I will raise loadsamoney.

Tracey xx