Refused MRI today

So I posted a few days ago about how nervous I was for my MRI as GP suspects MS. I have neuro appointment on 9th jan. I’ve worked myself up so much about having it done, took my diazepam this morning and felt somewhat relaxed. Arrived at the appointment and was refused because of an implantable heart monitor that I have enough. However it is safe to have an MRI with it in, but I need to speak to cardio and have the scan done by a consultant radiographer. I was so devastated I cried because I had managed to get to the appointment, hasn’t slept last night because I have been so worried about it. Now I feel disappointed as no closer to an answer. I have to ring cardio on Monday and then ring the MRI department back and the radiographer said she would try and squeeze me in quicker. Pointless post really but I’m so fed up.

I’m not surprised your upset…I would be. I’m surprised your gp didn’t flag this one up. Let’s hope you don’t have to wait too long to get it sorted…I’m sure they’ll pull a few strings and get you in quick. In the meantime is there anything you can do to cheer yourself up…chocolate always works for me…preferably Thorntons, I’m a classy lady Lol Noreen xxx

Oh, what a stupid breakdown in communications! I can understand you being cheesed-off about it - I would’ve been. Especially as it’s not an insurmountable problem - just needs a little bit of planning and organisation, and not to schedule your scan without checking.

I must admit though, whenever I’ve had a scan they haven’t presented me with the checklist 'til I was on the point of going in, so if I’d said: “Oh no, I have a heart monitor”, I’d probably have been turned away too. It should be asked when the appointment is made, and not when you turn up, shouldn’t it?

But I suppose you could argue that would have hidden risks, as they might look at the wrong file or something. I suppose by only checking once you’re about to go in, they can be sure they’ve got the right person, and the information is all true and up-to-date.


Thank you :slight_smile: I had it in my mind I was on the way to some sort of diagnosis after two years of nothing and then a diagnosis by letter in August of epilepsy which yes could be the reason for my seizure but doesn’t explain all the other symptoms. I was silly to have my hopes up and maybe hopes for my driving license back. I feel like they mess with our lives. I saw a neuro back in the summer and they focused just on the seizure/blackouts and so were investigating for epilepsy. After another episode in August the consultant sent me a letter to start on some meds as provable epilepsy and to surrender my license. I was supposed to have follow up in September but it was delayed until January. These people don’t seem to care the impact they have on people’s lives. Argh sorry I’m just frustrated!

You poor thing! The same thing happened to a friend of mine. She had a pacemaker and so couldn’t have an MRI, but the gp didn’t think it through before booking. Luckily the MRI staff are on the ball with their check lists. Maybe the same check lists should be done by the gp before an MRI is requested, in order that mistakes are minimized and relevant info passed to the MRI dept before an appointment is made. Hope you don’t have to wait too long. (Hugs)

Thank you :slight_smile: I don’t know why all of a sudden I’m being impatient because I’ve been waiting over two years so far!

Your feeling impatient because you’ve got yourself all built up for the scan and thanks to someone else not doing their job right it’s been postponed. Your bound to be feeling let down. Hopefully next week you will have a new appointment. All the best to you Noreen xxx

Thank you Noreen! Xx

Well i have got an appointment now on 6th jan. My neuro appt is 9th jan but they have changed it to urgent so the report wil be ready by the time i go to neuro which is something I suppose.