Referred to another neuro at Charring X now!

Well not sure how to take it but most of you will remember my first neuro was the pits and even though he did do a lot of tests his bedside manner was terrible. He kept telling me tell him if something new happened but when I did he failed to help me and wouldn’t give me any meds and almost insinuated it was age related/hypochondria and just to get on with it.

I was referred to a general neuro at charring X who thougth ?MS and then referred me to a neuro with MS interest. I saw the new neuro’s team and had a good experience. They thought my signs and symptoms fitted with ?MS and two possible episodes but couldn’t diagnose as I had non-specific lesions. They offered an LP and EVP but on the basis positive results would only give a diagnosis of possible MS and they wouldn’t give me DMD’s I decided not to have the tests. I was recovering at that point andidn’t want to be diagnosed wrongly if in fact it did end up being something else.

They gave me a follow up for april this year but now had a letter saying the neruo is on sabatical and I’m being referred to someone else in his team.

The good thing is it’s Dr Malik who from what i’ve heard is great so at least that’s a bit reassuring. The thing I’m not so sure of is my old neuro put in his letter whether he could see this lady (me) with MS when I haven’t been formally diagnosed. Having that written in my medical notes when I in fact haven’t been diagnosed doesn’t sound right as of course it has all sorts of implications. Am I just overreacting here?



If you’ve simply been moved because your consultant isn’t available, then I doubt there is any formal referral - Dr M will basically just pick up from where the last guy left off. He is very experienced and well respected - you’ll be in good hands. He can sometimes go very fast though and it can be hard to keep up with him so I recommend you go well prepared and be firm about getting through your list. Don’t let him rush you! Karen x

Just seen that I might have misunderstood you - there has been a referral letter that says you have MS? That might be confusing! Maybe speak to Dr M’s secretary and she can add a note? If its the same person I spoke to a few years ago, she is lovely and will be happy to help. Kx

Thanks Karen - completely happy to see Dr Malik, but will remember to go well prepared as you said. Good idea to call his secretary and let him know regarding the MS diagnosis confusion - will wait till I hear regarding an appointment before I ring - last thing I want is to be shoved to another neuro or a general neuro if he thinks he then doesn’t need to see me! At least the GP wasn’t copied in on the letter!

Maybe he’ll have some ideas or answers - not over hopefuly but you never know :slight_smile: