Referral after eye test

Had an eye test yesterday which was just routine after two years. I had no new problems. Given a new prescription after testing, eye pressure test clear and retina photograph looked at and no problems. When I got home the optician rang to say there is a pale area on both eyes on the bottom edge of both and she would like refer me to the hospital and not to worry. Easier said than done! She said the appointment could take up to 18 weeks. Waiting that long is worrying but if I get an appointment in the next few days that will be a worry too. I asked her what it could be and she was non committal, could be the MS possibly. Now I have been doing what they tell you not too and been online but can’t find anything that fits (I saw the photo) am terrified about what it could be. Has anyone else been referred with this? Are the white marks MS lesions? Any thoughts or advice appreciated.

You get the lesions on brain & spinal cord only, if i’m wrong i’m sure i will b corrected!!

js chill & take ya time & do what is asked of ya!!

good luck Julien…

I think you can get lesions on your optic nerve too which links the brain and eye. I may get corrected on this one too. Try not to worry. Have you had any eye problems in the past with MS? It could be scarring.

I had optic neuritis as the first sign of MS. I have been told that it left a pale area on the retina of my left eye. I don’t know whether optic neuritis can affect both eyes at the same time, but I’m not an optician.

If your vision is good and the hospital isn’t giving you a rush appointment, then it’s probably not something you need to worry about. Relax and forget about it is probably easier said than done, but it’s the best advice I can give you right now.

Thanks for your reply the optician did say it could have been there a while caused by historic optic neurosis. Trying to be calm and wait for appointment lets hope it doesn’t come too quick!

Yes hoping it is scarring trying my best to keep calm.