Redundancy and ESA

I am close to taking redundancy from my work. I really don’t feel able to look for or apply for another job, my walking is terrible

Once I’ve completed the redundancy process would it be possible to just apply for ESA. It would be contribution based ESA that I would need to claim.

I know people say it is difficult to claim but I’m not bothered about that for now, just if it would be possible to go from redundancy to ESA. I dont feel that I could cope with claiming JSA and attending interviews because quite frankly, I don’t know how I would even manage to get to interviews.

Anyway, help me out please.



To make an initial application for ESA you would need a sick note from your dr to show that you were too ill to work and therefore could not apply for jsa.

You apply on form (available on line) ESA1 - you then enter the assessment phase and will have to fill in the famous ESA50 which looks at your ability to do work based activities and upon which your points will be awarded ( you need 15 points) it will be up to the assessors if you are able to claim ESA in the long term but initially it is dependant on your GP saying you are not fit for Jsa


Thanks Jane, I kind of understand what you are saying. I’ll have to complete the redundancy process first, at the moment I am still being paid, so everything is up in the air.

my gp is good and I think he is always surprised that I am working anyway. I only manage it with amazing support from my work place and my family which I don’t think I could replicate elsewhere iysŵim.

One more thing, if I do claim ESA would I be allowed to do voluntary work?