reducing your days to look after someone

Hi there,

I was wondering how many of us have had to reduce our working days to look after our loved ones.

At present I work a 4 day week but I am now thinking of reducing it forther by working a 3 day week.

Is it wise to give up work altogether?


Hi, think carefully before becoming your partner’s sole carer.

We did that for 11 years and it left us like patient/nurse or brother/sister. Not saying that will happen to every couple, but it defo damaged us as a couple.

I’ve had 3 other carers as well as my fella, for 5 years now and wish I’d got them sooner.



Hi Poll,

Yes a few people have told me to not think about giving up work for good.

I have just had the figures revised and it does make an all round impact…on Pensions as well as Income.

We already have good care in place and I think I will continue as I am for as long as I can.



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Caz - Poll is so right - if you can get a team of carers doing all the necessary jobs . Time you spend with your hubby will be ‘quality time’. And l am sure he would appreciate this type of arrangement. Poll knows how to go about it and l am sure she will be more then willing to advise you. She even manages to get away for short breaks and mini-cruises with her carers.


Thanks all.