Red patch on spine

It’s me again!!

so the latest is that I’m now living with a working diagnosis of vestibular migraines. Still waiting to see the neuro again to see if they’re going to confirm it or not

latest funky symptom?

ive been getting back pain halfway up my spine over the last week on and off and two days ago it started getting worse and I have a red patch on my spine (quite a big one)

trip ip to a and e as I cAnt get any peace from it and they said x Ray fine, bloods fine, can’t explain the red patch so just take these anti inflammatory tablets as you’ll be fine!. When I asked how long to give it before coming back if it doesn’t ease cue awkward silence and then “these tablets will sort you”

any ideas on what it could be? Anyone experience similar symptoms?

Sorry, no idea. Visible inflammation on the outside isn’t an MS symptom. It’s an inflammatory disease, yes, but you cannot see inflammation of your central nervous system, because it’s all hidden deep inside you, and not close to the skin.

I’ve no idea what this was, or whether it’s even related.


Hi there. No apparent inflammation and only a pinky red mark over the spine and surrounding area.

thought I’d post on here as it fits in with funky symptoms and the doc seemed flummoxed with it when he examined me.

Telephone call to the neuro secretary Monday methinks just in case it can be linked

Sorry, the redness is what I meant by “inflammation” - redness is a sign of inflammation. Also the fact the hospital prescribed anti-inflammatories means they must have thought so. With MS, there is inflammation, but it’s internal, in places you can’t see. In fact, you can’t feel the inflammation of MS, either. The pain it causes is indirect, because it messes with nerve-signalling, and the brain often interprets the garbled signals as pain. But you can’t feel an MS lesion itself - they’re painless. The pain they do cause is often nowhere near the site of the lesion. For example, I have pain in my feet from a spinal lesion at chest level. I can’t feel the lesion at all, but it’s interfering with messages from my feet, so my brain thinks they hurt. They don’t look red, though, because there’s nothing physically wrong with them. The pain is all caused by confusing messages.