Hello my name is Sherry, I was diagnosed with ms 4 years ago, I want to ask a quick question, on Saturday 13th October I went to a concert and sat through it all, I then went to a pub and sat then moved to another near by pub where I danced for no more than 15 mins with sit breaks between, I have noticed it has taken nearly 5 days to recover, is this normal?

Unfortunately Sherry, for a lot of us weeks isn’t abnormal to still be recovering! So, no, pretty normal I would say. Don’t let it put you off carrying on though!!! Personally I would (& do) continue to enjoy yourself, whatever the consequencesxx

It sounds like the fatigue monster to me Sherry.

I think of fatigue as being like a bank balance. If you spend all your money (and it’s limited, I’m not also thinking that I’m loaded too), then you end up spending an overdraft. And this has to be repaid before you can have any more money.

So, with fatigue, your supply of energy is limited. If you use it all up on frivolities like going out, drinking and dancing, then you will have to recover that energy before next weekend. When you might want to do a bit more watching bands, drinking, dancing, etc, etc.

Have a look at This might help you to manage your fatigue / energy level.


Great analogy from Sue. I would also point out that with this condition (no matter what stage) all the stuff we took for granted actually takes a little more conscious effort, therefore if you manage your energy ‘account’ as before you might find that you are more tired / fatigued than you expect.

You should not let this stop you doing stuff, just be aware of the consequences and develop some strategies that suit you.

Good luck (& keep dancing)


Just hoping that Mick doesn’t take up dancing to use up any ‘spare’ energy in his account.

Not much chance of that Sue, although in my head I am still as good as Fred Astaire. Before anyone tells me he is dead already and that it is no big deal to dance as well as a dead person, I meant when he was dancing brilliantly.


When you say ’still as good as Fred Astaire’, do you mean you once were? How I’d like to see that, especially in your bike boots! Did you have dainty little trotters? And dress in evening suits suitable for dancing?


OK so I am busted.

I have always been a crap dancer (with or without MS) but in my head I have always been a great dancer irrespective of my footware and clothing.

Even in my head I am a scruffy git, to imagine myself as smart is way beyond the realms of even my distorted realities


I know some very hairy grebs that scrub up pretty well Mick, when there’s a must!

hairy grebs! love that one tracey. we’re off to see hawkwind in a couple of hours. been looking forward to this for weeks and now it’s here i’m terrified that i won’t cope. bugger. ms isn’t fair. anyway i won’t know until i try, fortunately i lost all my dignity some years ago so if i look like a drunken mess even if sober, so what! my dancing consists of a stagger and arm waving so that’s what i’ll be doing. i am a clone i’m not alone… golden void speaks to me…

You enjoy it babesI’m going to see Ozzy & Metallica, lets be fair our tastes in music will test MS to the limit, do we care, do we hell xx