Recently diagnosed!

Hi all,
I’ve recently been diagnosed with relapsing and remitting! Was taken into hospital for a while as didn’t know what was happening, home now but still off work most of the symptoms have gone but still struggling with my eyes and sensation in my toes, also just started getting lhermittes, I am finding I am really struggling mentally in the days as I’m home alone.

Hello Glenb79 Welcome. The diagnosis can be frightening at first but getting the diagnosis is helpful as many people suffer for years without a diagnosis and without the support needed. I’ve had MS for too many years to remember but managed to keep working and have had a really good life even with MS so please don’t think its all bad news. Covid hasn’t helped as its been a lonely existence for so many people but this site helps in maintaining contact and asking for information that may help you. If you have any specific questions let me know and I’ll help if I can or refer you to someone who might be able to help more than I can.