Not sure how to feel

Hi. I was diagnosed in June this year. I had my first noticeable symptoms ( numb/tingling down whole left side, followed by vision loss in March) i am now on Ocrevus, and had my first 2 doses in the last month. The other thing is, it’s all happening so quickly, I am still struggling to recognise a relapse, let alone tell if treatment is helping. I guess I am just reaching out because despite amazing support from family and MS team, I still sort of feel a bit lost and clueless.

Hello Pippy

Welcome to the forum, sorry you’ve had the diagnosis making you need to join us. Particularly since you’ve been diagnosed in this horrible year of Covid19.

MS is complicated and very individual. No two people have exactly the same MS. This obviously makes it doubly difficult to get your head round.

Good places to look for information are of course this site (see the tag marked About MS) and the MS Trust. There are countless information pages, all you need to do is type your search word plus MS Trust. For example,

Of course you can (and I hope you do), ask us for our experiences. Just remember, they are as individual as you are, so not definitive.

You are on a good disease modifying drug in Ocrevus. That’s a very positive note. Relapses should be few and less severe than they’d be without the drug. Just watch out for side effects, they could be mistaken for relapses I suspect. Again, here’s the MS Trust page on Ocrevus (you’ve probably seen it already, but just in case),

Best of luck.


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Hi Pippy,

5 months after diagnosis, frankly I would be amazed if you did not feel lost and a bit clueless. After many years of good health things have changed significantly. You will learn a huge amount about yourself and your condition. As can be seen by Sue’s reply, this is a good place to get support and the benefit of others experience.

All the best