i'm lana, and ive been recently diagnosed, and im struggling

hello, my name is lana and im from the us. i was diagnosed with ms about a month ago, and im supposed to be on ocrevus soon. i was on a round of steroids in the hospital for 5 days too, my symptoms are still lingering but they’ve gotten better, right now im really struggling and i feel like i will never feel better.

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Hi Lana. Sorry to hear that you are struggling so. I remember when I was diagnosed some 17 years ago. It’s a horrible and confusing time. After the shock of diagnosis I tried to find out as much as I could about MS and its treatment. Somehow or another and after a period nod ‘grieving’ for my ‘old life ‘ I got over the shock and disorientation of diagnosis and came to accept my ‘new normal’.

My life these days isn’t ’perfect’ but I’m still active, able to walk for 15 minutes or so and generally enjoying life.

Hi Lana,
Welcome. Sorry you’re feeling so down after your multiple sclerosis diagnosis, I just went into denial after my MS dx 20+ years ago tbh.
It’s always best to think positive and hope you will feel better again soon imho.

That’s how I felt I want to say three or four years ago. Basically when the essence of covid hit that’s whenever I got diagnosed. And I will tell you it’s an up and down battle but you got to try to push your face best face forward. They did have me on the medicine that they’re about to start you on in the beginning I got switched to Richardson because my remitting and relapsing Ms stuff with startup again towards the end like earlier than what it was supposed to my B cells would be at 8:00 when they needed to be at like 3:00 or less. So I will tell you that it will be a struggle in the beginning but you’ll definitely get through it just try to learn your body and you’ll get there. I still have days where I’m like what the heck but you’ll definitely get there

Hey Lana,

Sorry to hear I was in the same boat as you in September last year. Was diagnosed and started Ocrevus in December. Best thing I can suggest is talk to your MS nurse about maybe getting a appointment to talk to someone and look into local groups. Being part of the local group has helped me out a lot when going through the same feelings as you. If you ever need someone to talk to drop me a message anytime.