Recently diagnosed with RRMS

Your neuro should refer you to the local MS nurse who should then get in touch with you - this may take a couple of weeks, if it gets to a month, chase up and try to contact the nurse yourself. As you have RRMS, you may be eligible for DMDs, so in your position, I’d want to meet the nurse and discuss DMDs with her - are you eligible, pros and cons of taking them, which seem most appropriate etc.

I joined the MS Society and the head office passed my details to the local branch. I haven’t yet been able to go to anything they’ve organised, but I’m on the mailing list so at least I get their newsletters.

One big decision to consider is: if you work, do you tell your employer? MS is specifically named in the Equality Act as being a disability, which means that you have certain rights and protections at work (they can’t just sack you, they’ve got to make reasonable adjustments to help you do your job etc) - but your employer can’t fulfil their obligations if they don’t know that they apply to you.

Take care and be kind to yourself.