Rebismart comfort settings

what are you rebismart comfort settings, i have changed mine so many times and after while the injections hurt, doesnt matter what part of the body. after changing the settings the injections dont hurt but after awhile they start to so change settings again. i have done all the different combination of settings

i have tried cold packs to help and it doesnt

advice very welcomed

I cant really help with comfort settings as i dont use the rebismart.

I have manually injected rebif for several years.

How bad is the discomfort? you have to expect a little bit of discomfort with injections but if it is becoming intolerable then perhaps you could speak to your nurse about the oral medications.

Are injections new to you? if so, it can take a little time to get used to them and for your skin to ‘toughen up’ from being injected. Are you very thin? because injecting into a nice fleshy area can be less painful.