Hi all. I haven’t been on the boards for a long time. I think I found a post recently about someone who had started Rebif and was secondary progressive. I am wondering if anyone Is on it and how they are getting on with it.


It was me Mary.

I turned secondary progressive about 18 months ago but am still having relapses so my neuro wanted me to try Rebif to see if it slowed down the relapses.

Two months in and so far so good. No relapses.

Hope you are ok.

Shazzie xx

Thanks for reply Shazzie. I have been secondary progressive for eight years now and still having relapses. Just starting my third lot of steroids this year so am going to try getting on to Rebif. Hope you continue to do well.


Yes. Say that there are signs that Rebif is slowing down relapses for secondary progressive. If noone tries it then how will they know? That’s what I thought. Also Extavia is used for RRMS and SPMS.

Good luck Mary.

Shazzie x

Thanks Shazzie for telling me about Extavis. I have never heard of it. More ammunition for next time I see neuro lol.

Take care