Really struggling

Hi All

I am struggling big time at the moment, was diagnosed last Oct with RRMS having problems with stiff r leg and horrendous pains in my arms shoulders and neck which are proving extremely difficult to sort out.I have got my head around the diagnosis but seem to be stuck with all the horrid symptoms my mood is down so my Betaferon has been stopped temporarily , to top all this my Lovely son has just begun a tour of Afghanistan so I feel like I am sinking fast feel so rubbish,it all seems to be neverending hope it gets better ,dont know what I will do if not

Debs xx

Hi Claire

Thanks for taking the time to read and reply to my message its hard being an A rmy mum never mind living with this monster of a disease ,really am at the end of my tether I am worn out love Debs xx

I’m was an Army wife and hated the Afghan times, but he loves them. Important thing is to keep busy, find things to talk about when he phones, send lots of blueys and parcels. I hold the record as the sender of the most post in a tour! Its important to him that you tell him only the good things, don’t give him anything to worry about, if he is worried his mind won’t be completely on the job. And I’m going to become an Army wife again as after just over a year back on civvy street he is rejoining for the job security! Luckily I love being a WAG.

Your dx was only a few months ago and although you say that you have your head round it – don’t be too sure. It takes a long time to get used to a new way of being and it is very hard to accept that you have an incurable condition. It’s no wonder you have a low mood not to mention all the worry of a beloved son in harms way.
I think that it is very hard to live with pain but be tenacious at trying different meds – not everything suits everyone.

Could your GP help with antidepressants? They would help you get a grip and increase your ability to cope. If you try amytriptelyne it might help with the pain too.

I also had a lot of pain when I was first dx and I found it very debilitating. Eventually my GP got it in hand and life began to look brighter.

I hope you are feeling better soon.


Thank you ggmarch and Jane for your replies

This Army thing doesn`t help this sodding disease my son went over to the sandpit in 2009 and that was bad enough but this time I have a very uninvited MONSTER with me,but I have great support as well ,I am having some very dark worrying thoughts at the moment that I seem to be stuck with…

I am feeling a little punch drunk with all this medication trials but hope to god something works soon, cant take much more

Debs xx