Rare successful GP app't

I saw my neuro for routine check up in February. I’ve been on Gilenya for over a year and all is going well from an MS point of view, just the usual day to day symptoms but no relapses. She was not happy that I’m still suffering with severe acid reflux though and when I saw a doctor last year he dismissed it as possible IBS or MS related. Consequently I have been avoiding the food and drinks which are known triggers for me and she didn’t feel this was satisfactory. My neuro does not feel the acid reflux is caused by Gilenya and she didn’t feel it was directly caused by MS either. She said she would write to my GP and ask them to investigate this further and told me to follow this up after several weeks as it would take a while for the letter to be sent.

I normally get a copy of the neuro’s letter but hadn’t received anything so I phoned my surgery recently and they said yes, they had the letter, the GP had initialled it and filed it! I have just been to an appointment with a new doctor at my surgery and she was lovely. She has ordered several blood tests to check for iron levels, B12 levels, full blood count, thyroid function and several others which I have forgotten. She has also put in an urgent referral to gastroenterology at hospital (she put it as urgent because otherwise it could be several months before I hear from them and she didn’t want me to suffer any longer).

I’m embarrassed to admit that I got a little tearful because it was so refreshing to have a doctor that took me seriously and didn’t dismiss my problems as being part of my MS. She said she was overlooking my existing chronic condition and wanted to investigate the stomach problem as a separate issue because it was affecting my life and she understood that if I was awake in the night with vomiting and diarrhoea this would have a knock on effect on my fatigue. I could have hugged her! It may simply be GORD but it has been worrying me that it could be something else so although I don’t really want further invasive tests, it will be one less worry even if nothing can be fixed. I’m still in shock at finding a GP that was so understanding. I’ll have to make sure I see her every time now and I really hope she stays (we have a VERY high turnover of GPs normally).

I turn 50 tomorrow so I’m hoping that my 50s are kinder to me than my 40s have been. When I turned 40 it was the start of migraines, then MS followed and then acid reflux. Fingers crossed that my 50s can be the start of everything calming down


I have a lovely supported gp too Tracey and I’m always crying on her shoulder. It is lovely to have that level of understanding isn’t it ?

Happy birthday for tomorrow, hope it’s a great day for you.


Noreen xx

That sounds positive Tracey - let us know how you get on with the specialist.

I don’t know about you but it always seems to me that I was getting along OK(ish) until I hit my 40th birthday when “my guarantee ran out” and everything about my body started breaking down!

Thanks Noreen. I’m not normally keen on GPs but for this one I’ll make an exception. She’ll need to stock up on tissues

Happy birthday for tomorrow as well. I turned 50 this time last year (go team Aries!!!) and - touch wood - this has been an eventful and possibly momentous time in my life. Lots of changes - hopefully positive ones.

I’m Aries too, the best sign of course lol


Thank you. Happy birthday to you for this month too. Aries are the best! I’m a classic ram in many ways . I’m glad the past year has been good for you, hoping for the same for me.

Ha ha, perhaps I need to rename this thread Team Aries!’ Happy birthday to you too Blossom for sometime in the Aries season . I’ve always liked this time of year the best as well, not just because it’s my birthday but because it’s the season of new beginnings and always fills me with hope.

My birthday was on the 2cnd Tracey and I was in beautiful Rome. Being served tiramasu with candle! by two young handsome Italian waiters. They sang happy birthday too me badly but who cares Lol


Sounds lovely x Hopefully when my stomach is sorted I can get back to eating and drinking all my favourite things again - like wine and tiramisu. I’m out tomorrow but I’m driving as I can’t even have one glass of wine without it affecting me, ah well. At least I’ll remember the night. My friend will probably be legless, ha ha. I’ll still have a good time as I don’t need drink to be daft lol.

well done you for finding a good gp!

i used to have an amazing, lovely gp who saw me through my diagnosis.

because he was so brilliant he always had loads of people waiting to see him.

anyway he’s now left and set up his own practise a couple of towns away.

we have more gps than ever at my surgery now but the only one i’ve seen wasn’t very good.

i rely on the gp for symptom relief and this doctor refused to prescribe anything because “you have too much going on”.

yep, i have a chronic condition but that makes my need for symptom relief more, not less, important.

it takes 2 weeks for me to get an appointment.

not happy with gps at the moment!

carole x

I was just thinking Tracey. I do ocassionally! Have you ever had a gastroscopy? Is that what’s being arranged for you?


That’s the problem at our surgery. It takes 2 weeks to get an appointment. You cannot make routine appointments until after 10.00 am and sometimes I have phoned at 10.10 am to be told that all the appointments for 2 weeks’ time have gone and I’ll have to try the next day! WTF! I don’t want to see a doctor late in the evening or on a Saturday but I do want to see one within 2 weeks without ringing for days on end to be told there are no appointments … Then when I do go I am normally fobbed off with lame excuses as to why they can do nothing for me which is why I rarely go. You’d think when I do go they would realise it’s because I have come to the end of my tether and really need some help … You have my full empathy, Carole

Tracey xx

I really don’t know what to expect. I’m going to wait and see and try not to worry about it or second guess what will happen. Ignorance is bliss

Well I’ve had one and it was quick and not that uncomfortable. Get back to me if that’s what you end up needing.