Hi, I’m 43yrs old, went to my GP last Tuesday as I was worried about muscle loss and strength, especially in legs. This has occurred relatively quickly over 2-4 weeks. I thought I would just have to make an appointment to have bloods taken. My GP was very thorough, had to walk heel to toe, which I struggled with. Touch my nose, follow her finger, she said that strength was definitely weakened in my legs. With that she took some blood herself, and said she was testing for all the tests available. Then, said she would request a brain scan, MRI. Was not expecting that! Went in yesterday, Fri, for scan. They did my spinal cord as well. I think what I would like to know is we’re the tests and scans common for trying to diagnose MS? Never thought any of this would happen, just thought I had some sort of deficiency. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.

You’re lucky to have a proactive GP who has already commissioned the tests. Most folks get a referral from a GP which could take another 2-3 months for a Neurologist appointment, before they order the scans etc.

Could be MS, could be trapped nerve somewhere, or something else. Hoping for your sake it’s not MS but sounds like you have a good team at your GP :+1:


Hi @Honeyballoo, it is refreshing and restores hope when there are posts like yours saying that despite you thinking you would only get blood tests, you got a neurological MOT.

As difficult as it might be try not to read between the lines. A referral first, or tests first there will probably be a point where you may find yourself waiting. That is where we can come in, to offer support along the way :blush:


Thank you, I am very lucky with how things have progressed. Just was a shock.

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Thank you. Brilliant GP, just was a bit of a shock as to how quickly things moved. But, I am pleased how my GP responded, especially after reading other posts on here. Just a waiting game now. How long have you had ms?

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Hmm, sore point… :confounded:

I was diagnosed with progressive MS in Feb’21 having been misdiagnosed for several (6-10?) years with a worsening, progressive condition (spinal stenosis). Nobody had thought to give me a head scan and I went from thinking the discomfort and immobility was fixable with an op to being told it was incurable. By the time I was greeted with that revelation I was already walking with a stick, driving an auto and had had to stop mainstream work (construction project manager).

My story is one of so many in the MS world. MS is notoriously hard to diagnose as the symptoms can seem so spurious and misleading. Whilst none of us want MS, I envy those who get symptoms sufficiently clear-cut that the Doctors settle upon MS diagnosis quickly, decisively and with a treatment plan. The vagueness of my early years has made getting a valid treatment plan elusive: even now after 16 months since diagnosis, I am still not on any medication and my symptoms are getting steadily worse.

Hopefully you will fare better! Your GP may have a past in neurology - GP’s are trained and mostly work in hospitals before spinning off into general practice. Or who knows? May have a relative with MS?

Wise words from @Rogue: MS is not really an “urgent” condition and the consultants move at a snail’s pace. Most diagnosis is made on a differential basis, namely consecutive MRI’s. Have two MRI’s too close together and there may not be a discernable difference to formulate a treatment plan, even though the presence of MS may have been confirmed. RRMS is quite treatable, if not curable, if caught early enough, and people can live with MS for decades. Conversely, Progressive MS is much more aggressive and much less responsive to meds and changes can be undetectable on MRI even though symptoms can be worsening inexorably.

Are you forming an opinion of the type of MS you might have?

Bless you. That is terrible. You must be strong mentally to keep going. You could say I’ve had some symptoms for a few years, but never thought they were anything to worry about. But now the pieces seem to fix together, the past 2 -4 weeks the new symptoms have really increased, muscle loss, losing strength in my limbs, brain feels in a fog. So, no I have no idea ! I do hope you keep getting the help you need, at last.