Random things


I am new to this forum, although I have been reading the posts for the last month or so. I was diagnosed last week and although I was half expecting it, I’m still a little bit shocked . I asked the neurologist a couple of questions, but now I have lots running through my mind and they all seem a bit random and silly. I know people wait years to be diagnosed, so after just 2 episodes I was kind of surprised that I was diagnosed so quickly. The first episode was many years ago and affected my walking and hand mobility. It cleared up with treatment and I had kind of forgotten about it, although MS was mentioned as a possibility at the time. Then a few months back I started to have minor symptoms, such as pins and needles, numbness and L’hermittes. An MRI showed up lesions in my brain. The neurologist was reassuring and said lots of people lead a pretty normal life, despite MS and that my symptoms were mild, I’m in good health, there’s no reason I can’t have children etc . I am trying to stay positive and I know lots of people have far worse symptoms than I do, so I should count my blessings. I’m just not good with not knowing!! I am waiting on an appointment with a MS nurse. In the meantime if anyone can help with my random questions I’d be very grateful…

Who do I need to tell apart from the DVLA? I have let my car insurance company know and they were lovely- just said that as long as the DVLA didn’t put any restrictions on my licence everything was fine and there were no alterations needed. Do I need to tell my mortgage provider? Life assurance?

Is massage safe during an episode with minor symptoms? I have a spa day booked and didn’t want to have a massage as it makes me feel a bit weird thinking about someone touching my neck/head and I don’t want to make the l’hermittes worse. Am I being daft?

Do the lesions ever go away?! Can you make things worse if you get hit on the head? I train and teach martial arts and although I have been able to continue training, I know my instructor has been a bit funny about me being in class until I have written proof that it’s OK.

I’m sorry if these questions seem random and trivial to some people. I don’t mean to cause any offence and I know that things could be a lot worse. Thanks for reading :slight_smile: