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Hello all fellow MSers. I have had MS for donkeys, but it has long been bugging me to answer this question;

Before I first became ill with the first symptoms of MS, I used to have the most terrific nose bleeds. These were considerable, and for up to five hours I would be sat there with an empty margarine tub under my nose, catching the steady trickle (not just drips) of blood coming out of my nose. In fact it wasn’t until I had my first relapse and was taken in an ambulance to hospital, that the bleeding finally stopped. Or did the steroid treatment cure my nose too?

I was just wondering if any one out there in MSville would know if there was a link between all of this blood loss (I usually had half a margarine pot of blood loss a day) had anything to do with the waiting MonSter, or is this is just coincidence do you think? Thank you for all feedback.

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Did you seek medical advice about the nose bleeds prior to the MS happening?

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Hi Moira,

I’ve never heard of any connection between nose-bleeds and MS, so this is a new one on me!

If the nosebleeds were caused by some kind of inflammation (but not CNS inflammation), I suppose steroids might coincidentally have helped.

In general, nosebleeds seem to be more common in younger people - particularly boys. I’m sure there is a scientific reason for this, but without resorting to Google, I can’t remember what it is!

It’s possible you simply “grew out of” your nosebleeds. I very much doubt they were a “sign” of impending MS, much less a cause. I’ve never heard of MS being linked to bleeding disorders.


Hi Poll,

Thank you for your comment - no I didn’t seek any medical treatment for these weird nose bleeds. I can remember (age 17) I was much more bothered about the fact that I had depression and intense fatigue - now those two certainly were due to MS.

Hi Tina,

Thank you for your comment, I think that this bleeding must have just been a strange coincidence. I am certainly pleased that they aren’t with me any more as I dread to think what state I would be in if I had the normal everyday MS fatigue, mixed in with heavy blood loss.

Srange one this, i have small nose bleeds and have done for about 6 years now, and the strange thing with mine, is they always come at the same time as a period, i am still having them even thoughh i am 53,

i think mine are linked to endometriosis though, where bits of your lining of the womb become dislodged and travel round the body,i think mines just happened to go to my nose, its the only expalnation i can come up with, because why else would it coincide with a period.

Nose bleeds scare the hell out of me, because i had to go with my mum to the hospital when she had a very severe one, and very nearly died with it, so i panic a bit when i get one, but so far they are only minor ones thank goodness.

Hi Jaki,

Thank you for your message. I was interested to read that this could have something to do with endometriosis, as I have this. So it could all just be hormonal. All to do with that damned forbidden fruit I suppose! Hopefully your own nose bleeds will leave you alone soon, and I am not in the least bit surprised that nose bleeds bring on a panic.