Morning all.

R.I.P. Anne Kirkbride aged 60 after a short illness.

Deidre will be sadly missed on Corry.


i feel bad because i made a comment that could be seen as not very nice.

i sad that she had a very expressive neck.


l did not know this - did wonder why she missed all the wedding drama!. She had cancer many years ago - and seemed to get over it. Now how will they write her out. And watch out - Ken will soon be looking for another lady friend. He will be back down to the canal to see if his ‘old flame’ is back in her narrowboat!!

Yes, R.I.P. Anne Kirkbride. A sad loss for her friends and family.

I haven’t watched coronation street for years. Preferred it in the days of Ena Sharple, Minnie Caldwell, Elsie Tanner and Annie Walker


Yes its very sad und unexpected she will me a great loss to the program and also to her family.

R I P Anne Kirkbride /Deirdre Barlow


sad news, and only 60 too, i did wonder why she hadnt been in the street for a while.

J x

Very sad news. And very unexpected. She was a big part of my growing up years and I always remember my mum and dad sat watching Corry with a cuppa when I was growing up.

RIP Anne (Deidre),

Shazzie xx