Questions on the Equality Act

Not sure where to put this one.
I’m interested in the Equality Act and to what extent people here use their protected status to ensure their continued employment. Do your employers respect the act? Have you had to remind your employers of their duties under the act? Did your employer consider your adjustments unreasonable?

Reading this forum tells me that some still at work feel that they are in a precarious position, when I thought the aim of the act was to keep people in work, prevent discrimination and protect the rights of vulnerable people. Small firms might not consider adjustments ’reasonable’ or may not have an occupational health department, so many of us MS sufferers might be missing the support we need.

Really interested to hear your experiences. I work full time for a large organisation, so I’m in a very fortunate position but I’m aware that this might not be the case for everyone.

The ‘reasonable’ word is key, as you say. What’s likely under law to be deemed a reasonable adjustment in a large organisation with a fair bit of fat on its bones (not as many of those around as there used to be) isn’t reasonable for a small firm that is only staying afloat on a wing and a prayer. In practice, however, I suspect that individual circs and working relationships will drive outcomes at least as much as company policies and procedures and the legal framework within which they operate. But that’s just a personal view - I really don’t know.