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Hello, I am hoping someone could help me get to the bottom of my problems. I will start at the beginning. Around 18 months ago, I noticed a tingling in my hands and feet. I would lose feeling in my fingers and felt off balance, and extremely tired, I would also have “brain farts” in that I would go into a room and forget why etc. the tingling affected my sleep and it got me to book an appointment at the doctors. After blood tests were done the doctor decided it was as a result of a virus or something like it despite not finding anything in my blood. After about 2 weeks the feelings in my hands and feet were gone completely and my head cleared. I have had a lot of problems with my bowel over the last two years also, jumping between constipation and diarrhoea. 18 months later and I am back to where I was, only this time my muscles also seem to have a mind of their own, tightening, and spasms and such like. My arms and hands feel really weak leaving me unable to pick anything heavy up. My legs are also extremely weak. The brain farts are back with the tiredness, but this time my coordination seems all over the place, I hit things with my hand when reaching for them etc. I have noticed This time that the numbness and tingling has extended to my face, back and shoulders. I also seem to feel worse when I am in the shower, it feels like chemical burns on my hands and feet. Cold water seems to cause pain in my joints more so than externally. The skin on my legs is growing itchy when hot as well, so much so I have taken the hair and skin off portions of my leg through itching. All my symptoms seem to drift for a few hours and them come back as well, seemingly worse when I grow a bit hungry. Especially before lunch. I appreciate any advice you can give me, and I look forward to your responses

Hi, try keeping a symptom diary - no need to write every little thing but note when new things start, or old symptoms re-emerge and list it clearly to take back to your GP. (So far, I’ve been given a diagnosis of Functional Neurological Disorder and CFS/ME after a clear MRI but am waiting for other test results). It can be a long process, but take it step by step and make sure to get regular rest. Best of luck!

Hi Reiki,

Thanks for your response - I have started taking notes of the symptoms, not necessarily when they started as my mind doesn’t feel up to that sort of work at the moment. When written down on paper there seem to be a lot more than you would initially think. I suppose some may be coincidence, but it can’t hurt to include them just to be safe.

Thanks again, and best of luck to you too. Hopefully all goes will with your outstanding test results!


I wonder if anyone can help ?

I have been having problems since being involved in a car crash a year ago. i had whiplash and treated that with pain killers after four days I was admitted into A & E with suspected Head trauma.

I was experiencing fatigue , light sensitivity , muscular pain and cramps. i had a lumber puncture and they diagnosed a auto immune chronic illness which they have said is Fibromyagia

the problems get worse and I have now been unable to work for months , some days I feel fine then I feel so tired I feel I’m going to sleep for weeks. My body aches especially my shoulders back and when I say ache it feels down to my bones !

I get headaches, swollen ankles, slurred speech, no appetite, problems urinating , no appetite and really feel cold all the time !, numbness in my fingers and hands, drop things as can’t grip, constipation,diarrhoea,daydreaming, angry then sad then dispair!. Weakness in arms and drop things often as the smallest thing feels so heavy.

I even forgot my grand children names !!,I get tongue tied and stutter at times too.

I have start to walk with a stick occasionally as I loose my balance.

My GP thought it was Lupus the Rhuematogy Dr said Fibromygia and sent me away !

My GP has changed and I’m at tthe end of my tether I feel so ill. Then i can feel fab for a couple of days the it starts all over again

How can I get my GP to consider this, I cry a lot wondering what I can do next.

I have kept a diary of all my symptoms recently and hopefully get to see my GP tomorrow.

Any help will be appreciated

Hi, the only thing I’d suggest is to go back to your GP, as you now have a different one you may get another opinion. Perhaps ask to be referred to a neurologist, or somebody that can help you more. But your GP should be able to, at least, help with pain control. I can really understand how this is getting too much for you, try not to become too upset when you see your GP, but I think you should really stress how bad this is making you feel…

You’ve tagged onto the end of this thread (Feb 12) so you may not get many replies. If you can start a new post with your problem, you’re more likely to get people replying.

Good luck

Rosina x