New here - questions regarding MRI results - sent to GP

Hi All

I’ve been on the periphery of this site for some time but haven’t posted as every query I have seemed to have been asked before (sorry for ‘lurking’)

I now have a question that I cant find an answer to, but will give a brief history first (promise I’ll try and keep it as short as possible)

Medical history

CFS 1994 – 2002 been 100% recovered since then

Stomach problems 2012 – tested for celiac etc, sigmoidoscopy all negative, H Plyori infection found and treated, left me with a stomach ulcer, also treated and recovered

Shingles April 2013

Saw the shingles as a warning sign that I wasn’t looking after myself, improved diet, sleep, exercise, reduced stresses and stopped working over time etc and had 4 months of feeling the best I think I’ve ever felt.

Then, October 2013, started to feel ill, everyone around me was suffering with flu, thought I was coming down with that, very lethargic, achy etc but no cold symptoms such as runny nose/ sore throat came.

After 4 weeks of feeling exhausted, suffering from headaches and noticing that I was using wrong words (example sock instead of shoe etc) I saw my GP, who ran some general blood tests (including Vit B12) all negative and ordered me to take a week off to rest to see if symptoms improved.

Took the time off but started noticing more symptoms, legs, especially left felt extremely heavy (felt like I was dragging it) stairs became mountains! My left foot started to burn like sunburn but no visible rash or heat to touch and a buzzing sensation down spine when I bent my head.

In December had very painful left forearm, not in joints, and pain in right hip (saw a physio cos Dr said troch bursa but physio felt it was more nerve related)

GP referred me to Neurology in Nov, eventually saw SPR neurologist in January. By then symptoms were subsiding, fatigue being the main symptom remaining and still had the buzzing back. Very brief appt, she seemed more focused on my CFS in the past, took no real medical history, did a brief examination, not sure if this was ok or not, only thing I do know is I couldn’t feel the tuning fork on my left foot. She said that she couldn’t find any neurological problem as nothing she knows of remits and as my symptoms were assymetrical this also did not match with anything (Ive seen since that this is rubbish and MS does have both these things), she sent me on my way saying she’d do a brain MRI ‘to be sure she wasn’t missing anything’

Beginning of Feb symptoms started to return, along with an extremely painful right elbow and the feeling of having a cold cuff around top of right arm, numbness in my right ring finger. A buzzing in my right ankle.

After chasing up the MRI (SPR had gone on holiday without requesting it!) I had a brain, thoracic and cervical MRI mid Feb with diffusion and have been chasing results since (They sat with the SPR for 3 weeks waiting for dictation!) Neurology weren’t particularly helpful and just said that the results would be sent to my GP.

Spoken to my GP surgery today who said they would chase and get the results. They then called to say the results been faxed through and have made an appointment for me to discuss with my GP on Friday. Not given anything away about them though.

So, here’s my question, sorry it took a while to get there… Is this normal? Do results usually come back to GP? Or can I assume from the fact that they have that there is nothing neurological showing? Or is it just that the GP are trying to speed things up. I would have thought they’d recall me for a follow up appointment if there was something showing?

Thanks for taking the time to read and thanks in advance to anyone who replies x

Sounds like you have and a pretty tough run of things. Glad to hear your GP is on board and helping you to find answers. I am sorry I have no idea what the significance of this is, but the appointment is tomorrow now so not too long to wait. Hope you get the answers/help you need, and do post and let us know what happened. Leah :slight_smile:

Honestly, I dont think that you can read anything into it, one way or other.

Neurology is slow. If your scans showed a tumour then they would contact you ASAP because quick action is needed. If the scan show inflammation lesions such as MS there is no hurry so no rush on contacting the patient. In neurology No news does not mean good news. In oncology it does!

Moyna xxx

Thanks for your replies and also apologies as I seem to have posted twice! Thanks Leah, yes appt is tomorrow, not long to wait now, I’ve been calm up until this week but once I knew the gp had the results a panic seems to have set in and I’m going through all the possibilities in my head! Thanks also moyna, very wise words and they have helped, I guess if it was anything sinister I’d know by now. Will let you know how it goes x