I think i know the answer already…but are the weak legs and double vision and weak lungs all connected? I feel as if this is affecting so many muscles,… this morning I feel slightly panicky I feel as if i can’t take big breaths of air in …I’d be completely hopeless if i was ever breathalysed ( is that how you spell it?) I never have been… I feel like I have so little puff left in me, Iv’e never been asthmatic so i think this weak feeling is part of what I’ve got …any good advice for coping with it would be appreciated.

Michelle x

Hi Michelle, sorry your feeling like this,i get the not being able to take a deep breath feeling,it will pass,try to not get too upset over it,mine comes and goes, and thinking about it,i havent had it for ages now,try relax and focus on the breath,for a few minutes a time, i do this with mindful meditation and it calms me.hope you feel better soon.


J x

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Hugs and deep fulfilling breaths to both of you lovely ladies.

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As Mrs J says, mindful breathing can be really helpful.

Also think it’s worth seeing your GP, just to make sure nothing else is going on.

With mindful breathing you don’t have to do deep breaths… in fact it’s best not to. Just breath freely and think about how the breath feels entering your body. When your mind drifts, which it will, gently bring your concentration back to your breathing.

Thinking of you,

Pat xx

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Hi Michelle,

I have very weak legs, double vision at night…I’m constantly cleaning my specs but sadly it’s my eyes not my specs! It can make watching television very frustrating. I also get very breathless, I think Pat is right, you should get it checked…I did but my chest was clear. I mostly get it if I’m anxious or if I try to do something when I’m long past doing anything except lying down!

I know these things are a worry but in time they will seem almost normal.

take care of yourself,

Nina x

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Thanks Nina

Itried to message you back but it disappeared. There’s a lot about this disability that already seems normal, but the breathing makes me panic its not so bad today . Although I’m trying to rest I overdid it a bit yesterday and I’m paying for it now …I feel quite exhausted I went on the bus to Chester with my friend but really struggled it’s the ordeal of it that wears me out. I hate the buses they are so disability unfriendly …there’s no room to get in the disabled space it’s so hard there was an older lady sat where I needed to turn and she wouldn’t move in the end the driver told her bluntly to move so I could get in the space, she moved which wasn’t a problem for her because once I was in the place she could sit back but she sulked all the way to Chester. Oh well it’s a learning curve …everyone else was nice and they all made a big fuss of Frazer but I think if I didn’t have him I wouldn’t be half as adventurous.

Michelle x

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Hope you’ll have a better day today, we always have to pay a price for overdoing it!

I’ve also noticed a couple of messages I’ve done lately have disappeared but I haven’t spotted it until the next day, hope the site hasn’t got gremlins again.

I’m so glad you’ve got Frazer to give you confidence,

take care,

Nina x

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Hi again Michelle, I think your breathing problem might be anxiety.

Many years ago (actually 40 years ago!) I suffered anxiety and panic attacks. A lot of it centred on my breathing. I never felt like I could get enough breath in my body and sometimes it seemed that if I stopped concentrating on my breath I might stop breathing altogether.

This would cause me to start hyperventilating… which basically means that you are breathing too quickly into the upper part of your lungs which then floods the body with oxygen… which then makes you feel very light-headed and strange… which then increases the feeling of panic. It’s a real Catch 22 situation.

Of course it wouldn’t be at all surprising if you were suffering from anxiety given what you are having to deal with.

There are some excellent drugs available now for anxiety and panic (40 years ago I was offered electric shock treatment which I refused!). Or, if you don’t want to take drugs, there is counselling which your GP could refer your for to help you cope with the anxiety and control the ‘over breathing’.

I think you should look into it. I know when I had it my life was like a living hell. It was like my breathing dominated my life.

Hope this helps… food for thought?

Pat xx