question regarding right hand and left hand wont work at same time

Has anyone got same problem or heard of this before wile my husband holds something in right hand scratches a body part with left hand right hand lets go so drops objects.Seems like both hand will not work at same time unless he thinks about what other hand is doing or holding.EG hold pen right hand, scratches head with left hand right hand drops pen.

hi julie

i havent heard of this specifically but it sounds typical for ms

maybe he needs advice from a neuro physio

perhaps train himself.

it is also reckoned that just thinking through the action helps set a neural pathway

carole x

My guess would be a problem with the corpus callosum - the bit of white matter that connects the two halves of the brain, allowing them to communicate properly. If it’s a new symptom, then it may be a new lesion. Worth telling his neuro about.

There are other possibilities too of course and I could easily be plain wrong, but it’ll certainly be something to do with the brain.

Karen x

Thanks carole and karen its a strange one he notice he was dropping things alot but it always seems like when other hand is working , like you said seems like to halves of brain not working together.He is always falling asleep even more than normal all symptoms seem to be getting worst had mri of spine, lumber puncture next week.Seeing neurologist in july for all julie