Question - please help?

hello, for those of you who have had MRIs etc and seen a neuro consultant and are still waiting for a diagnosis… what, if any, medication were you prescribed to reduce the symptoms and were you able to go back to work etc without too many problems? if i can’t get a diagnosis yet i’m worried i’ll just be left hanging with no help for my symptoms and won’t know where to turn. Any help/advice gratefully received. Thanks

Hi again, poor you, I can see you really are having a bad time in trying to cope with all this stuff.

I was given amitriptyline for nerve pain and baclofen to reduce spasms and spasticity. if you are having those kind of problems, ask about meds to help.

PM me if you wanna offload some more hun.


Thanks Poll I have now realised that diagnosis doesn’t happen quickly and that i’m going to have to accept that. Just worried about myy job and the future, i really need to get back to work a.s.a.p. but right now i know tthat’s impossible in my current state. Oh well, will know at 6.30 tonight what the current state of play is and will just have to go from there. I’ll be ok once i’ve got my head around it all, just all a bit overwhelming as i’ve gone from having 2 progressive diseases (degenerative disc disease and osteo arthritis) to a possible 3rd in a short space of time. i have learned to live with my back conditions over the last couple of years so guess I can live with another problem. Thanks for your reply, i will let you know how this evening’s appointment goes. Trudy xx

Good luck tonight & let us know.

Moyna x