Question for the MS Society

Lots of drug companies are working on new wonderful treatments to slow the progression of MS which i am sure is very profitable for them. Is anyone actually working on what causes MS ?

I think the researches are working on that all the time. Hope so anyway!

luv Polllx

I am not aware of any such research but I would be please to learn I am wrong if anyone has a link to such research.

Here’s the link to the long list of research projects funded by MSS into cause…

Also there’s a long list of research projects into cure. Take a look at MS news and research (above).

Pat x

Simple answer: yes, loads of people.

If you want to know more about new research, I suggest you sign up for the MSRC RSS feeds and to the Multiple Sclerosis Research blog. The first of these gives you the news as it’s published. The second also gives you comments by Prof Giavonnoni, a leading MS specialist in London, and his team.

Karen x

Hi Leinad

Our branch held a research meeting in a local school hall. Although we didn’t actually find the cause; it appears to be linked to A) Genetics, B) Possibly the Epstein Barr virus and C) lack of sunshine or lack of the ability to absorb vitamin D3 (sunshine). There are some promising things going on with stem cell research on radio 4 by Professor Charles ffrench-constant.



As you say, drug companies are working on new drugs for treatment of “MS”, with the potential of large profits.

So if such a drug company should stumble across the cause of MS, with a drug to prevent it.

Do you think it would be made available, in my opinion the answer would be no, it would be kept under wraps, as it would be commercial suicide, killing of the chicken that lays the golden egg.

A cynical view, maybe, but one I believe to be true.

Chris R.

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