New research

Early days but research funded by MS Ireland in UCD has surprising results that might lead to new MS treatment in the future. I love hopeful news like this, so I thought I’d share it with my UK pals.

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Wow a drug to improve cognition and repair myelin at the same time faster than it would normally have repaired. Sounds very promising to me. Still not a cure but a sticking plaster over damaged myelin.

Wonderful news, progress is indeed being made and could buy time for those severely affected too.

I do hope this treatment proves a sucess and is given to all msers and not reserved for a limited few.

Thank you for sharing.



No problems, I totally agree!

My aunt in UK has MS. For research more money is needed. In the Netherlands we have websites where you can start fundraising for free. Does anyone know if there are similar sites in the UK. This is the one I have in the Netherlands, would be great if I could start the same here. [link edited out by moderator]

i think the just giving uk site is similar

oh just think if my walking became normal and if i could be clever again - miraculous!

we have some clever scientists working for us.

carole x