The MS society and finding a cure

I joined a group on facebook that is MS related ( that is not they’re name), and whilst reading posts on there I read some that said MSers who didn’t want CCSVT didn’t want MS cured. Then I came upon some posts saying that MS patients were cash cows for neurologists and neuro departments and hospitals, who didn’t want MS cured either, because they were hand in glove with the pharmaceutical companies,as was the MS society and the people paid by the society were overpaid. Then further down the posts accused the society of not wanting MS cured because of the income from donations from members and generous people as well as the pharmaceutical companys. It was claimed in some posts that large charities didn’t want the ailments they collected money for help towards curing, they even included cancer charities in this catagory.

To say I felt total disgust is putting it mildly… How many people they have managed to put off joining this society, and others, I wouldn’t like to guess. I give up in dispair that people can believe this… what next??? Alien abduction?


Don’t know what to say/how to respond to this. It’s bad enough coping day-to-day - hoping and praying that tomorrow will be better and a ‘cure’ is on the horizon. Feel despair…

I know what you mean, I’m so sorry you feel dispair, but please keep that hope for a better tomorrow cos it could well happen. The people I was talking about think they have all the answers which they clearly don’t and over half are american and don’t even use the NHS or this site.

Chin up friend, there’s lots of MSers who know the truth and the idiots on the other site are few. I believe that between the research done by the MS society and the NHS and even the pharma companys, better help, if not indeed a cure will be found the future will be better for us all.


Not a lot one can say about it is there? Gobsmacked!!!

no not really, gobsmacked indeed

Be careful of what you read on the Internet, there are a lot of nutters out there.

They’ve even been known to surface on this website occasionally mentioning no names.

There is such a lot of misleading rubbish on the internet that it’s best to avoid these sites. I avoid them as it makes me feel depressed when reading such rubbish.



The level of mistrust and conspiracy theories in the MS world never fails to amaze me. It is generally the result of ignorance, but there is no point in trying to educate the believers - there is no room in their minds for alternatives :frowning:

And when the current cause or theory is shown to be utter b******s, they all move onto the next one - as long as it’s not the truth of course!


Also a good idea not to give such stuff the oxygen of publicity, by repeating it. :wink:


It can be interesting (and instructive) to find out how many people have found a cure for MS.

If you just want a quick laugh - see how many diets there are that will treat MS, and how many of these are opposed to each other.

Still, you cannot argue with the evangelistic fringe - because they know that they are right, and just hate anyone who confuses the isue with facts (particularly scientific facts).


hi Tonto, Teresa, the place I was on purported to be a group of people wanting to make friends with other MSers, turned out they only wanted to push their own ideas. I’d joined the site a while back, but after being slated because I wasn’t convinced by the effectiveness of CCSVI and being followed onto here by one person I didn’t really use the place but stayed signed up to it.

All I’d done yesterday was to answer a Q from a lady about having a tattoo done whilst having MS, which I’ve had and the people on there just became agressive when I said there was no reason to stop their meds. I really don’t care if they were to follow me here, I just stand up for my right to have an opinion

Hi DoctorGeoff. it was you who pulled the ladies facts and figures to pieces with a very equitable and measured responce, I’m greatful and glad there is people like yourself out there

Sounds like you’re well out of there!!!

As far as them following you on here goes… bring it on! LOL! One or two us do rather enjoy wrapping conspiracy theorists up in nice logical, scientific knots :slight_smile:


Good to hear you enjoy doing what you do rather well

lol good on you folks, I don’t want arguments, but I’ll stand my ground. I’m sorry Anitra, but the more people who know about the twisted and vicious half and untruths put out about the very people and organisations who WILL find ways of easing if not curing this disease the better armed they are to rebuff the lunatic fringe.

With respect to any Amereican users on here, the greater proportion attacking the UK MS site and the NHS were from there

I can’t believe the rubbish that is spouted. As if it’s not hard enough dealing with this. Hey Monkey, you stick to your guns. As Karen says, there are plenty of people ready to wade in and stand up for the facts. You seem like you are able to do that yourself too. Teresa xx

Hi Monkey1666, I presume your answer to having a tattoo even with MS was a positive one? Looks like it was. Some people also cannot see the point of a tattoo in the first place but everyone has an opinion I suppose.

(Cough) My last one was the picture as my avatar, but do not tell my Mum! Done whilst on Copaxone injections.