Question for power chair users

I have two power chairs, a small one I bought two years ago which I use all the time at home, indoors and into the garden.

I’ve recently bought a bigger one with a longer range and will deal with uneven pavements and inadequate dropped kerbs.

I’ve not been out on it much since I got it three weeks ago, because it’s been too cold.

Will lack of use impact on the battery, should I be making an effort to take it out more often? I’m just a bit anxious in case I take it out after it standing idle for a while and it lets me down.

I’m looking forward to the little bit of independence I’ll have by being able to go out alone.

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I have 2 scooters, I don’t use my bigger one as much as the smaller one. I leave it on charge all the time. When I come back it goes on charge until the next time I use it. This seems to keep the battery in good condition and doesn’t cause any damage.

Hope that helps

Thanks, it does help x